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lwimAugust 12, 2007

We're doing a kitchen remodel which includes an island with a base cabinet of 88". So far we have a warming drawer on its own circuit (it is plugged into an outlet as opposed to hardwire), a disposal with air switch and an outlet at each end of the island located under the countertop overhang. These last three are GFCI protected (circuit breaker in main box). I want to add another outlet on the island. It is a two level island (one end is 34" high and the other 37" high) and I would like to locate it on the face where the two levels meet. The problem is the spacing is very tight. We have about 2-1/4" between the top of one counter and the bottom of the adjacent counter. I know I can put in a shallow receptacle box mounted horizonally, but its still too wide - I can't get a face plate over it. While we're using Decora switches and outlets, we could do just a standard outlet here, but I haven't found any narrow receptacles nor narrow face plates. I assume I could find a wood face cover that could be cut to cover it, but I'd still need a narrow box.

I've been told by my electrician that so far everything we've done is to code and actually only require one outlet on the island though he needed to check to see if its really considered two islands because of the split in the countertop, but we're covered in anycase because we have outlets at each end. My questions are as follows:

1. Any suggestions on a solution for a narrow opening outlet?

2. In lieu of putting an outlet at the split, would this be a good application for the Mockett Kitchen power grommet? The intent would be to mount the power grommet on the countertop a couple of inches from the split.

3. Just curious whether my island configuration actually would be considered two islands for code purposes?



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Could you use some sort of power strip?

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Thanks for your response. Essentially, the Mockett Power Grommet is a power strip that disappears into the counter top. My preference would be an outlet mounted horizonally if I could find one the right size. Plugmold is probably small enough, but way too many outlets and the cosmetics are not what I would like.


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