Dining Chairs Done!

kswl2August 19, 2014

I posted a few weeks ago that I'd finally found a lovely fabric for my dining room chairs, and they are all finished and in place! We use our dining room a lot, so the upholstery guy has been picking up the chairs in shifts, amd the final two were delivered today.
A room "update" or "refresh" of the dining room has been on my mind for a few years now, but I could not find the right fabrics on my own or with a local interior designer. But I didn't want to change the red walls......or the silk plaid curtains, or anything else, and I was frankly just tired of the whole decorating thing after our basement renovation, so this project went on the back burner. And THEN I saw this delicious apple green damask fabric, and I love it so much we used the one fabric on ALL the chairs. They were upholstered with the "wrong" side for a more vivid green but the cording the backs of the extra chairs were done with the right sideof the fabric--- a subtle difference in appearance that is a nice detail. Anyway, here they are!

This picture is the best representation of the actual color, although like all damask it is different colors in different lights:

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Great choice! They look terrific.

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Oh, I love the use of the two sides of the fabric on the extra chairs! The fabric is perfect with your drapes - which I also love. Bring on the holidays! You are ready.

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Lovely fabric. Your room is beautiful.

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They are just exquisite! You must be so delighted!

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They look great! Love the colour.

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Delighted is a very good word for it, Nanny, and thank you all for appreciating them with me! And honestly, I cannot wait for Christmas this year. I know the table looks as though it is set for Christmas but it's not--- I have kept it ready for lunch and dinner the past month and a half because we've had so much company and those dishes are one of the regular sets that just **happen** to be red, white and green ;-)

Red and green is my perfect color combination....it actually makes me happy when I see those green chairs against the red wall.

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Very pretty! I love the cording detail.

The fabric reminds me of the wallpaper in this blogger's DR. (Scroll down the link to see her DR walls... her style is not my own, but I've always like her DR paper.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Vignette design's apple green wallpaper

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I love them!

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Gorgeous. I love the damask with the plaid!

I can't wait to see pics of Christmas too. :) It is a lovely room for year round and will just be extra special at the holidays.

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Very pretty.

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PS IIRC, KSWL has already started planning Christmas decor! Meanwhile, I'm still in denial that school starts soon.

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Holly- Kay

Kswl, that is absolutely beautiful. The fabric looks even more spectacular on the chairs.

We all know that you can't wait for Christmas any year! I agree that green and red is a beautiful, happy combination!

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Lol, I have EVERYTHING for the downstairs already in the Christmas storage room! And have warned family coming for Thanksgiving that each person attending will be expected to make two Christmas ornaments for our downstairs tree :-) I have wooden "gift tag" thingies and orange twine to hang them on the tree, and we'll have stations set up to do woodburning designs or ink stamp ones, and small (3x3) Styrofoam squares that will be wrapped in brown craft paper and then tied with a variety of ribbons and tiny wooden ornaments as package tie-ons.

I know, I sound like a crazy person (No affirmation necessary, thanks) but we do not have broadcast television and have to think of SOMETHING for people to do who are used to watching football!

And I am thinking of something new and simple for the dining room....maybe just fresh flowers and garland, I'm not sure.

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Peony, thanks for the link to that blog. Love the house! The style is a little too much even for me but I appreciate how consistent it is. And that apple green in the wall color, the sofa, the painted interior of her Welsh Cupboard..... I just LOVE it! I will be interested to check into her blog to see how she decorates for Christmas :-)

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Beautiful room! Who makes the curtain fabric?

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You did it!!! You've finally found a wonderful fabric for your chairs and the results are beautiful! BIG congrats on a wonderful redo. Your waiting paid off big time!

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Snbtwins, I don't know who actually makes that fabric. I bought it at Forsyth Fabrics in Atlanta (one of the big two retail places there with a mix of stuff, they have some that is supposedly to the trade only, as well as bolts of everything else and special order items from their own sources). This silk curtain fabric was a special order item, they or someone imports it from India, and I had the panels fabricated by their workroom. They did a good job, used baby flannel lining and the right weights. One side hangs perfectly but the curtain rod (from Restoration Hardware) has sagged on one side since it was installed. I had them made in 2006, but was recently back in Forsyth looking at their fabrics and they still offer it for special order. The colors of the silk are very vibrant and mine contain enough colors that I **could** change the decor around them if I ever wanted.

Lynn, thank you!

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Very nice!
I like the way you used the darker "wrong side" and how you incorporated the "right side" in the cording & the backs. The green fabric goes very well with your drapery.
Enjoy your lovely dining room!

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What a lovely room, and those chairs are the perfect touch!

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I love it!!

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