Wimpy Induction Cooktop-- Wiring Problem??

Xena99August 9, 2013

I have a circa 2002 Jenn-Air smooth 30-inch cooktop that has 2 induction burners and 2 regular electric ones. The induction burners have never provided much heat; as a consequence we use the regular burners almost all the time. The induction is only good for low heat like eggs or simmering. We have induction cookware.

The cooktop and Jenn-Air double electric ovens share two joined 40 amp circuits that can only be switched in tandem.

Is it possible I have a wiring problem here? Do I have enough amperage for these appliances? I have heard that an induction cooktop needs 40 amps. I would like to know if I have an electrical problem or just a bad appliance.

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Those are some good questions. Without some more information, it is impossible to provide answers.

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Do you have the manual? What size? The current Jenn-Air induction cooktops call for either 40A or 50A depending on size. I'll assume the older ones are about the same.

That said, it isn't like a small wire will "limit" the amount of current that the cooktop will try to draw. The circuit breaker is the current limiter (or in the extreme case of miswiring, the fire that results from the wire getting hot).

Since you aren't tripping the breaker, the cooktop isn't pulling more than 40A. I suspect an appliance issue.

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The fact that it works at all leads me to think you're getting 120v rather than 240v at the power connection. Check the induction connections first.

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