First GOG mosaic, please help!

lvalle1December 16, 2008

Hi I am making my first GOG mosaic window. I am even new to making mosaics, i have done a few small pieces though. Basically it is going to sit in a frame in my basement window. The window is 32 inches by 37 inches, but i am breaking it down to be 2 pieces split in the middle horizontally. I have a grape vine design at the top with a wine barrel, wine glasses, and wine bottle in the bottom half. All these main pieces are shapes that i cut and grinded. The background is textured clear glass tesserae.

My first Question is what glue should i use since this window will have light coming through it? I want it to dry clear obviously, but want something i can buy at Home Depot that wont be hard to work with or expensive (if possible).

What kind of grout should i get? Do i get this at a Home Depot too?

Any tips for when i grout on textured glass? Like with the clean up of it.

Tips for the best method of gluing and grouting?

Help please.....THANKS :)

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You might look at this thread. The silicone you can get athome Depot, the others you can order online. Maryland mosaics carries them

I've also seen these two recommended ( but it hasn't been posted here)they can be found at local stores. I haven't tried either one of these

Polyseamseal the Tub & Tile Ultra in the Clear

DAP Kwik Seal Kitchen & Bath (clear)

Here is a link that might be useful: Linlees GOG glue test

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Thanks for sending me that link! It was very helpful. I have also heard about Lexel? How is that? Looks like my best options for my indoor GOG window would be GE11?

I am on a bit if a timeline. Will i be able to grout after 24 hours of gluing with GE11?

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Why are you using two pieces of glass. I see all kinds of problems doing it that way. You should be able to pick up some wellbond at a local stained glass hop or off the net. It dries crystal clear and doesnt ooze up through the gaps. I havent done a glass on glass yet but the one I am planning I wont grout. Ill just cut the glass to fit tightly.

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