location of electrical panel, width requirments

geoangeloAugust 16, 2013

I want to upgrade main electrical panel in same location. I know 30 inches horizontally is required. I am in Anaheim Ca. meter spotter would not approve, since to get the 30 inches, I have to include 5 inches that is in front of (overlapping) a sliding patio door, which , if slid open, would have part of its passageway potentially in that 5 inches. He said something that window and similar areas are not allowed to be counted for getting to the 30 inches requirment. Makes no sense, since the whole idea is that a workman has to be able to have plenty of space in front of the panel. In my situation there is plenty of space! is his comment really part of the rules? Might an exception be allowed? My previous upgrade 16 years ago approved this location.. thanks

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Sounds like a crock to me. 30"of free space is 30" of free space.

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Sounds like a poco restriction on placement of the meter can. "not within 30" of an opening" or something like that. Not working clearances.

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