worried about TOS

justnotmarthaNovember 7, 2008

It's pretty odd to go this long w/o hearing from her. KK, you haven't heard from her, have you? After the years she has spent here it seems off that she would just disapear . . .

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I was just thinking that too...
I actually kind of miss her - never thought I'd say that!

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Has she ever mentioned health issues in any of her posts? Can you ask the site people to contact her. They would have her info.

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I've got to say I am too... I was just thinking I needed to hear her input on some education issues

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I remember she once mentioned that she's part of some other online communities... Does anyone else go to those same groups or know what they are to check if she's been posting?

AFAIK, she hasn't mentioned any health issues...

Has she mentioned any vacation plans?
IRIC, she has some family out-of-state that she hadn't seen in awhile (but maybe that was another poster and I'm mixed up)

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