Wiring undercabinet lighting for frameless cabinets

joe97August 21, 2011

How is it best to hide the low voltage wiring with connectors when transitioning from a taller frameless cabinet to a shorter frameless cabinet? For example, I plan to have a 39" wall cabinet adjacent to a 30" cabinet above the sink with no filler between the cabinets. How is it best to hide the wiring as I transition from the base of the 39" wall cabinet to the the base of the 9" shorter wall cabinet above the sink, connect the above sink light, and run the wire back down to the bottom of another 39" cabinet?

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Ron Natalie

Make a hole in the wall.

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Wiring concealed in walls gets hit with a bunch of rules, the first one being it must be an NEC approved wiring method.

Most LV lighting is well over the power ratings allowed for control circuits like thermostats and doorbells.

There are plastic trim strips available to hide the wiring on the bottom of the cabinets.

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I assume you aren't worried about the bottom of the cabinets but you don't want a wire running up the side to get to the short one, right? You can drill a small hole in the bottom of the cabinets and between each cabinet and run the wire inside. Just be sure to secure the wire to the back corner.

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