Wire behind cabinet

maria110August 30, 2014

Hi, the kitchen cabinet installer has the wire for the under cabinet lighting crushed behind the cabinet. I couldn't move it over. Is it a problem having the wire like that?

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yes. The wire could possibly be damaged now

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Or it possibly could not be damaged????

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No, it should NOT be pinched like that. Have him fix it.

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"Or it possibly could not be damaged????"

Gee your logic is infallible. You're right, I always let the sheet rockers and cabinet guys pinch my stub outs and leave them just in case they didn't damage it. It's not like it could possibly be OK now and then later get damaged as things expand and contract. That NEVER happens.

Using your logic we should wire everything in ridgid conduit to avoid possible damage and use rain tight connectors in case the roof leaks... Or everyone can just do their job correctly.

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Golly gee, you win.

EVERYTHING not perfect should require a callback.

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Have the cabinet guy come back and loosen the cabinet so the wire can be removed

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remedy the wire issue and that hole should be sealed also and call them to do it.

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It is unlikely that the cable is damaged. Some electricians are really brutal while pulling NM cable and seldom create opens or short circuits as a result. I do not practice nor suggest rough handling of conductors or cable.
Get the cabinet installers to loosen the cabinet and pull out the cable. But as a practical matter, it may be faster and easier to just do it yourself. Waiting for them may be frustrating and inconvenient. And you probably want to watch them while they do it as they will not be happy campers-- and that may not be convenient for your schedule.

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Thanks everyone.

I tried to do it myself and it's really, really tight...wouldn't budge. They have to come back for other issues and you're right it will take a while and I will have to watch them...the installer will definitely not be happy he has to come back.

What is the best product to seal up the holes? Is it necessary considering tile will be going there?

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I have a feeling that the wire may be held by a screw somewhat higher than what the picture shows, it may be pierced or hung on. (screw under a loop)

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