Extending wire in basement ceiling

rygamerAugust 31, 2011

After all the flooding in my basement I decided to rip everything out including my drop ceiling. In doing so, I uncovered a mess of wires in the ceiling. I want to clean this all up. Alot of the wires go diagonally across the basement ceiling. I want to lengthen these wires so that I can attach them to the ceiling joists correctly and neatly. Can I simply add junction boxes to add more wire?

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Ron Natalie

As long as they remain accessible, but why bother?
If they're properly installed, you're just making things more UNRELIABLE by addign spurious juncitons.

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I want it neater and safer. The wires are not attached to the joists everywhere. They kinda just hang from the ceiling. I worried the kids grabbing the wires.

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Ron Natalie

Eh? What do you mean hanging from the ceiling? Are they running through bored holes in the joists?

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wire staples?

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no bored holes. just a couple staples here and there.

Also, i have outlets now just hanging off the ceiling, because they used to be built into the walls, but since i tore the walls down, they are precariously just hangingthere. How do i run it down a cinder block wall? I'm assuming I have to use metal conduit? Can I run the wire right into the conduit. Someone here told me "no".


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Ron Natalie

You can not use staples to go perpendicular to the joists. Yes fix that. You can use boxes to extend things as long as they remain accessible. You can only staple things that follow the surface (along the joists or running boards).

You don't need to use conduit (in most places) unless you're likely to have physical damage. You will need to secure things with an appropriate clip or whatever. Just dangling is not OK.

Also if the basement is now considered unfinished, all the 120V 15A or 20A circuits need to be GFCI.

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What is the end goal for the basement? Are you refinishing it? New walls? New ceiling? Drywall or Drop?

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I am not finishing it. no drywall or drop. it will have a industrial look. The basement, even though it has a french drain, still has alot of humidity present. i want it more as a utility/game room. i just want it safe and painted. thanks!

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