Humming sound from electric cable attached to house

blahbobAugust 26, 2010


The electric cable from the pole to my house isn't buried, and it connects to the outside of my house right at my master bedroom wall.

The problem is, in my bedroom, I can hear a fairly loud humming sound. You can hear it quite clearly at night, which is fairly annoying when trying to sleep.

If you put your ear up to the wall, you can hear the humming quite clearly.

I got an estimate from an electrician to bury the cable, and I had him listen to the humming noise, and he said he had never heard anything like it.

Before I spend 2k to bury my cable (which should hopefully get rid of the noise), I'm curious if anyone has ever heard of anything like this before.


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It is possible that there is iron (klike nails in hte siding or framing) that are begin vibrated by the 60 Hz current, but it can also be just the line vibrating.

If is is 60 Hz, probably magnetic field from the line (though it should cancel pretty well on a triplex).

Any other frequency is more likely the line itself vibrating in the breeze (think guitar string).

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First turn off your main breaker when the noise is present and see if it goes away. If it doesn't then the problem is not the cables. It's current flow through the cable that make them vibrate.
Could it be bees in the wall?

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I personally have never heard a noise from a service entrance cable, but that is not to say it couldn't happen. Some other things to look for... could there be a transformer mounted in the wall / above the ceiling? Or even a doorbell transformer in the basement, screwed to the studs, that is transmitting the sound upstairs?

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maybe it doesn't know the words...;)

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Chances are the electric meter is on the same wall.
Mechanical meters sometimes make noise. Call the POCO
and they 'should' check it out. Service wires sometimes
make noise in the wind, but can be shortened, or lengthened
to stop it. Or by attaching it to another, more substantial
part of the exterior of the house. If there is a tranformer on the pole your service is coming from, then
it's possible that transformer hum is being transfered to
your sevice wire. But for starters, do like Joed said, turn off the main breaker and a noisy meter will stop. If
it is the meter, then ask the POCO to install a digital

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I do not have an answer, but have heard wires humming on a pole while walking my dogs. There is a pole in my neighborhood with a fused shutoff on it, but no transformer, which regularly hums fairly loud, especially at times of peak demand. I've seen the POCO working in the area, and apparently it is of no concern to them.

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first of all, get out of here, welcome and stop spamming this site. get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, there could be a loose connection and it is arcing.

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