GOG Grouting problems

charmoDecember 18, 2008

Hello again everyone and thank you to all that replied to my first post regarding removing silicone. I did remove it using the dental tool that was recommended as well as some WD40 and it worked very well. Now tonight I have grouted my project and cleaned most of it up following instructions. The only thing I am disappointed with however is that some grout ended up under some of my glued pieces of glass. I know that some of my grout lines were large because that's what I wanted but I wouldn't think that would be the reason. Would any of you have any idea why that would be? I was really careful, and I would like to know why before I go on to my next project. It still turned up very nice though, I didn't follow a pattern or anything and I still think it will look good outisde in my porch. I'll try and post a pic tomorrow. Thanks!

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Hey There! I think for al of us, this is a trial by error kinda thing...making sure to put just enough silicone on...smooshing the pcs down evenly onto the glass, I know that I tend to get doing something and get sloppier, but have all good intentions of being careful!!! My front door is just such an example! I started out real good(bottom) and by the top I was a crazy woman..just gluing and sticking without abandon!lol! And it shows! I am reminded everyday(cuz it's my front door!!lol) to slow down and be more vigilant with the small details! Now onto your next one!!!heh heh!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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There is a new product some have been using, I have not tried yet-called polyseam seal avail at Lowes I believe, It goes on white-so you can see any gaps that might result in grout bleed, then drys clear.
I use lots of silicone to cover all the edges and then scrape the wet silicone at the edge to remove the extra with a toothpick.(so it doesnt pile up between tesserae) There is also a method where you coat the piece with weldbond, using a brush to get it in the nooks and crannies letting it dry before grout to prevent bleed. And my personal opinion, its just gonna happen sometimes no matter what.

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all good advice WW and Jane, I'll just add that I have less problems with bleed if my grout is mixed dryer

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Thank you girls for the advice. The way I see it with what Calamity says about putting enough silicone etc...I think I may have taken too much silicone off when cleaning...I knew that grout doesn't catch if there is silicone in the grout line, so I reallyyyyyyy cleaned hard, probably too hard! I read on another forum that "pieces have to be sealed off completely" so I wonder if it would be better to use a sealer over the whole project before grouting? If so, what kind?

Calamity: About the panel in your window, only one word: WOW! It is beautiful! I saved the picture for future inspiration!

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Nicethyme might have hit the nail on the head. How watery did you have the grout? Even sanded grout which is what you should have used with large gaps can be to watery if you mix it that way. I make mine about as thick as sour cream. If I was to turn my container upside down it would not pour out for at least 5 minutes.

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I go for peanut butter myself Barrel! lol

Charmo, grout will stick to your adhesive so when cleaning I just remove anything above or at level with my tess- just deep enough for grout to get in. Course with gog you don't want to see globs of silicone in your interstices from the back but I wouldn't try to remove it all or surely you will pull some from under the tess. Cindiloo recently tried the weldbond wash on a glass block she was sure was going to have grout leak and it was successful for her

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Thanks everyone! Barrell, my grout was sanded grout and pretty thick I would say, maybe not 5 minutes before it would pour but still thick. I am pretty sure I cleaned my silicone wayyyyy too much. I guess I'll learn the hard way. It's so nice to have this forum and read all your ideas from your expertise. Can't wait to start another one!

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Could you repost your picture please. I'm sneaking over from Hypertufa enjoying all the info. GOG is what I'm leaning towatd. Thanks

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Leaf, best thing to do is post a new thread asking folks to show you their GOGs

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I'm new to mosaics, so I'm going to ask a dumb question. What does GOG stand for?

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it means glass on glass mosaic, gives and appearance similar to stained glass but with grout instead of solder

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and I forgot to say - there are NO dumb questions here EVER! anything worth learning is worth asking about

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