mama2010November 19, 2009

My Fiance Aint Seen Her In Two 1/2 Years Since She Was Two Because Of Her BM Her BM Alway Caused Probalems For Us She Tried Her Best To Break Us Up She Called Dss On Us For No Reason Then Called The Cops On Us For Bringin Sd Home 10 Mins Late Now He Has To Pay Child Support She Want Let Us See Her Now If We Tried How Do We Start Seein Her Agine

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--"How Do We Start Seein Her Agine"--

Keep paying the child support and hire a lawyer to go through the necessary court system to obtain visitation rights.

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why was'nt he paying child support in the beginning?

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Sorry but there are only two reasons that are a good enough reason to not see your child in 2 1/2 years. 1) you are deceased, 2)there is a legal order stating you can't have contact.
From your post, it seems as if neither of the two apply......If your fiance regrets now after 2 1/2 years not seeing his child, then he should take the appropriate steps such as pay child support, and go to court for visitation...BUT i sincerely hope your fiance intends on sticking around in this childs life this time...otherwise you will only be sadisfying your guilt for the moment and hurting this child more...................

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