Light Bulbs keep burning out

tkstockAugust 9, 2014

I have a fairly recent install of a pendant light fixture in my kitchen (two). One of the two fixtures has an issue where the bulbs keep burning out - within a couple days to a couple of weeks.

I saw a suggestion where you can pull the tab out at the bottom of the socket so that it makes better contact with the bulb at the base. I did this, and was careful not to over-tighten the bulb.

I'm still having the issue. I've posted a close-up of the bottom of the blub - does the spot on the bottom appear to be from arcing? In this most-recent burn-out (first once since I pulled the tab out), the bulb had a white film on the interior - and the filament seemed intact - but there was a clear "broken piece" sound coming from the bulb as I lightly shook it.

I will post a picture of the socket too in a reply.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Here's a picture of the socket. The tab is about 1/8" - 1/4" from the ceramic - so it's not flat against it.

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Vibration and too-high voltage are enemies of incandescent lamps.
If the lamp lights properly, leave the center contact alone. It is not the cause of the problem.

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Heat is the other nemesis of light bulbs. If these are high-hat fixtures, CFLs or reflector bulbs may help to reduce the trapped heat.

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Thanks for the responses! bus_driver, How can a fixture be wired for other than the standard 110 V? It isn't vibration - this is a stationary fixture just like the one beside it.

randy, I have two fixtures - exactly the same- the other one is fine. I don't think it's a heat problem, otherwise they'd both have it.

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