question regarding flex for fluorescent fixture

JasmarAugust 15, 2010

Installing a new fluorescent fixture in my garage and want to place it a few feet from where the old one was.

The original was placed over the junction box in the ceiling. It would be difficult to move the box in the ceiling so I am hoping to do either of the following:

first choice - install a plate over the box and install flex type cable through it using the correct clamps on both ends. I believe I would need to run a ground as well as bond the metallic flex (can I use plastic flex conduit?). Problem is that the ceiling box is plastic so I do not see the means to properly bond the metallic flex. It would be about 16-18 inches of flex if that matters.

second choice - change the box out and install an outlet in it and then install a standard three prong cord onto the fluorescent fixture and just plug it in. Would this be appropriate? I have fluorescent fixtures that came corded that are installed in this manner in my shop so don't see why it would not work.



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"Problem is that the ceiling box is plastic so I do not see the means to properly bond the metallic flex."

Drill and tap the metal cover plate and attach a ground wire to it.

You will likely have to pigtail the ground if you are using MC cable with a grounding wire.

AC cable does not have a ground conductor but uses the armor.

Be sure to use the correct cable clamp.

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I could be off here but couldn't you use NM-B (aka Romex) for your run? Use a cover plate with a hole or use a blank and drill the appropriate hole and use an NM clamp. Make up your connection in the plastic box. You also need to secure the NM within 12" of either termination.

If local code requires metal flex, then do as brickeyee described.

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The quick and dirty answer is to buy shoplight fixtures with attached cord and plug. Fit receptacles to the existing boxes and just plug them in.

I may be slipping a cog in memory, but I seem to remember seeing fluorescent fixtures that were rated for either permanent installation or cord and plug connection. You might check with the manufacturer of yours.

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