Wedi Abstract Project

silvamaeDecember 13, 2010

Just finished and wanted to share with y'all, a new substrate method whereby you can do a large wall hanging but have it be fairly light-weight and have the back of it look quite neat and clean besides. I am happy with this method which I made up all by myself, and I will use it again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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I like that. You put pieces together so beautifully.

I bought some Wedi board at a garage sale. It is still propped up beside my tool chest waiting for me to get some inspiration.

I wish I were as dedicated as you are (according to your blog) to work on a project everyday.Glass crafts and my flowers/yard are my favorite entertainments.

My only DGD has turned 18 and is in college so she doesn't play with me anymore.

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Thanks, soxxxx. Yep, I'm obsessed -- I wish I could mosaic every day all day long. However, I do a lot for my granddaughters who live with me (ages 10 and 12) so I'm busy with other activities, but I'm always thinking about mosaics and wishing I had more time to devote to it.

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Very nice, SILVA. I know about Weidi cuz when I won the "artist of the month" thingy w/OzMosaics years ago, Sandy sent me a Weidi butterfly and a huge piece of Smalti as a prize. The butterfly still sits, but I can't seem to get inspired to mosaic it. I'm waaaay too cheap to buy Weidi. I like your project on a canvas. Questions: Why did you feel you needed to skim coat it w/thinset, and from where do you buy your Weidi?

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Thanks, slow. My good friends gave me a gift certificate from Maryland Mosaics last year and I splurged on two large pieces of Wedi as well as some other stuff, and got free shipping. I know who the local dealer is for Wedi, but I haven't priced it there yet. The reason I skim-coated is because the Wedi is an ugly grey and has that grid pattern on it and some of the stained glass I used is translucent, so I used white thinset just for looks. If I was using opaque tess, I wouldn't bother. The main reason I wanted Wedi in the first place is because it's so light weight (compared to other substrates) and I'm paranoid about hanging something heavy on a wall. I am happy with the results and will use Wedi again; just have to save up my money once this stash is all gone.

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Love this Abstract !!!!

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Oh, Silva this is beautiful and I love it. I must get some Wendi board one of these days and do a wall hanging of some sort. Yours is just to die for.

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WOW Silva!
I love it.
I wish I had all kinds of bits and pieces to make something abstract.
Kinda hard... to come by where I live.
I am also finishing a piece. Rainbow motif.
I will post a pic in a couple of days.

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Beautiful!!!! I always use scrape wood that I find or people give me. A little worried sometimes that the mosaic wont last. But I have had my eye on a Wedi Board package and I think Santa might leave it under my tree. I found it online and there are squares and rounds as well as a mirror frame. I will post pics. if Santa has enough room on his sled for it!!!!

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Thanks, all! When my supply of Wedi is used up I am going to make my own. As I recall, Bamasusanna, Nicethyme, and Klinger have made their own using styrofoam wrapped with fiberglass mesh tape and smeared with thinset. I will let you know how it goes.

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