Tradition what?

ruby_x-rayNovember 24, 2010

This site has been good for me- I haven't talked too much to hubby since the Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with his lazy(refuses to watch their kids-and there is 8 of them) grown up kids.

Boy, but he's been talking, LOL, and he did not enjoy how they let the grandkids go wild either. But he says that he wants to keep some kind of tradition. Whoa-if this is Thanksgiving tradition I was raised wrong! I suggested in a cool way that maybe going out to a restaurant would be good and he said I could but he didn't want to. I told him that's great because that is exactly what I was going to do. Didn't tell him I was going to rent a motel and have a whirlpool bath while he stresses out with his "Tradition".


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Oooooooh, Ruby, girllll!! You are so cool -- I love your solution!

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I forgot to mention that I was the one who got the stepkids together in the first place during Thanksgiving...regretted that one! My hubbies kids had Thanksgiving, at their house mind you, for their in laws. So I asked them if we could have it the weekend before Thanksgiving and they agreed. Well then their Mom(one of her sisters had it for her- this is the 1st yr the kids said she had it had her house..this is another story, which is really funny) decided that she wanted to do the same on the same weekend we did...well, then we had to take a back seat to their Mom so now we get "fit into" the time she doesn't want. She either decided she wants it on Saturday or Sunday and we take the other one. Hubby gets fustrated on this one too but said he would do whatever to keep the peace. But normally they won't tell us until the day before or they will be on the way here. When they started having all these kids, which honestly I don't know why they wanted kids because they don't want to do nothing with them. One of the stepkids just recently took them on a vacation with them..before, we watched the little demons.
Bottom line is, if I had not felt sorry for their Dad, this would never would have happen...miserable. So, my hubby has some more words from me on the "Tradition" of his:-)
thanks for listening and for support

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Good for you Ruby! We did our *resturant thanksgiving* tonight and I think that is going to be our new *tradition* when we host. Lots less stress-cooking wise.

We also had a a bad behavior situation with eldest (from out of state visiting) his live in GF's 4 yr old daughter. Now I like little kids in general but I have to say this is the naughtiest little girl I have ever spent time with. We could barely visit with eldest SS as he & we had to CONSTANTLY deal with her acting out, intentionally spilling drinks-looking at us and pushing over her drink onto the table, hitting, spitting & eye rolling and on & on. Mother not much into correcting her. Nice gal but just kind of sits back and lets everyone else suffer & deal with her kid. Eldest SS expressed mucho frustration to me over this. I advised him to think long and hard before marrying into this. He lost his young wife to cancer a few years ago & I think he is more ready to settle down and not thinking about how tough this is really going to be.

Dh & I were SO relieved when they decided to go stay with other SS (that lives in our old house)and his GF the remainder of their stay.

I'm telling you 2 days & I was ready to either A: tan her hide or B. slit my wrists. I know, I know she is onyl 4.5 yr.s old- but I am serious, it was THAT bad. GS never ever behaved that badly-Ds either so I don't have much to compare too. I really thought maybe ADHD, but as time went on DH & I both saw mom just basically ignored all of it & left it to SS or us to deal with. Ugh. I have done my time!

I do feel bad for DH as he was very disappointed that he really did not get to spend any time with his son from out of town, but thats how it always goes down when he comes to visit. He gets more care from my family. But it hurts him and that makes me sad for him.

Next year I'll be at my folks 2000 miles away or on a cruise for sure and I think DH will join me..TG it's over!!


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