single pole to 3way

sussertownAugust 23, 2013

I have a sunsmart GE digital timer switch. It can be installed as either single pole or 3way. I am removing a single pole with only two black wires. I looked at the new device diagram and it looks like I wired it perfectly but there are no signs of life. The new switch has wires: green (ground) white, red (capped) black and blue. The diagram is attached. I'm sure I'm just missing something very simple. Can you help with a better diagram or thought? by the way the switch is in the same box as another 3way but it looks like they are on separate lines so I did not interconnect the two switches.

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Try swapping the black wires (line and load). I think you have them reversed.

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Many of these new fancy switches require hot and neutral connections. If you only have a 2 conductor switch-leg into your switch box (ie, power coming in, power going out when switch is turned on), then you are stuck. The new switch will not work without a neutral wire.

So check the instructions to see if it requires a neutral. Some do, some don't. Maybe you can swap it for one that doesn't require a neutral.

That is why the latest NEC requires a 3 conductor wire (like a 14/3) as a switch-leg.

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