bx behind baseboard....baseboard popping off!

calypsochickAugust 28, 2010

Hi, everyone. We have BX wiring that is running behind our baseboard. Our walls are concrete, and I don't know if they dug out a channel for the wiring to be put into so the baseboard can be flush. But the baseboard looks terrible. I know they are not done with it, but basically the baseboard is popping off the wall. I was told the nails are not strong/long enough, and they need to get some special glue to hold the baseboard in place. Is this normal? Are they supposed to have dug a channel in the concrete wall for the wiring?


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Is this an Insulated Concrete Form house? If so, a channel can be made in the foam insulation for the wiring. It depends on the type of interior finish walls. If you're looking at concrete inside, I do not know what is permitted under building codes as far as making a channel.

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Hi, there. It's not an insulated concrete form house. It's a Manhattan apartment building constructed in the 50s with concrete walls, and no foam insulation. I know we are allowed to place the wires in the wall, but we just can't cut through any structural parts of the wall. I guess I was wondering if they could make a channel at the bottom of the wall.

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Ron Natalie

YOU can not do anything with the wiring. An electrian can tell you what can be done. You can get oversized baseboards.

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It sounds like they already have an electrician who has cut a channel behind the baseboard - but there are problems with the installation.

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