anybody here make their own 'behind the cooktop' mosaics?

bevangel_i_h8_h0uzzDecember 11, 2008

I usually hang out on the home-building forum but this seems like a more appropriate forum for this question.

We'll be using tile flooring in our new kitchen with Silestone countertops. Haven't yet totally decided what I want to do about backsplashes but noticed when we were picking out floor tile that they sold a couple of coordinating 24" x 24" mosaic designs for use on either the floors or the wall.

The particular tile we chose - Esmer Paridiso - comes in three additional colors (all with the same texture) and it was evident that, for the mosaic, they had just cut small squares of all four colors of tiles and then arranged them in a design which appeared to be glued to a piece of webbing like the stuff that was used to make hook rugs back in the 70s when those were popular. (Yeah, I'm old enough to not only remember hook rugs but to have made more than a couple!) The four tile colors all coordinate with each other so one can use the mosaics with any of the four tiles.

I'm thinking that I'd like to have a mosaic design behind my cook-top but those 24" x 24" mosaics sold for like $275. And, while they looked nice, one of them certainly wouldn't be particularly UNIQUE.

It occurred to me that I could probably purchase a couple of tiles of each color for just a few bucks, cut them into small squares, and then design my own totally unique mosaic. Years ago DH and I laid the floor tile in our current house and I got pretty good with the tile cutter and tile nippers. And, I just happen to have some hook rug webbing still tucked away - which, believe it or not is still in good condition!

I was thinking I could work out my design on butcher paper then spread wax paper over it, place the webbing on top of that and hot glue the tile pieces to the webbing leaving gaps for the grout to come up around the tile pieces. Once I had the design finished, I would peal the wax paper away then probably cut the whole thing into approximate 8" x 8" pieces (so they aren't so heavy) when the tile guy goes to install them.

So, I'm wondering if anyone here has ever made their own wall mosaics and can advise me whether this plan will actually work and/or give me hints on a better way to do it.

Also, if anyone wants to share pictures of their wall mosaics - I would be happy to have some inspiration!

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You have got the right idea for sure. But do not use hot glue-use silicone. the hotglue will give way. You might want to use weldbond instead of silicone come to think of it...and you glue it the wall with thinset-it will come up thru the mesh and stick it, then either treat the thinset like grout or grout over it. Some here can really advise you much better but you have the basic idea nailed.

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Welcome to the forum, BEV: Sounds like you not only know what your doing, but you could teach this thing called mosaic, to which all of us are addicted. Do what you know, and follow WACKY's advice. I used regular ready-mix tile adhesive on my backsplash. It was my first project - no planning - just nipped some colors I had on hand, when I was THINKING about mosaics, and slapped it directly on the wall. Had I known then what I know now about this addiction, my whole kitchen counter/backsplash EVERYTHING would have been done in a crazy mosaic w/lots more color. Anxious to see pictures of your work in progress (WIP). A picture of mine is here:

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Ohmygosh slowmedown, I just love how cheerful and bright your backsplash is! I took time to look thru the rest of your album and you have some absolutely terrific pieces. I'm stunned by your amazing sense of color. And those mosaic-ed high heeled shoes - WOW! Totally adorable and such a creative idea. Where do you display them?

The only mosaic I've ever done before was making a garden stepping stone one time at a women's creativity weekend retreat. Fun - but its a big step from that to figuring out how best to put a mosaic on my wall and have it stay there. So I appreciate all advice from those of you with real experience.

Wackyweeder, thanks for the tip re using silicon or weldbond instead of hot glue.

I'm still very much at the "thinking in progress" stage but will be happy to post WIP pictures when I get there.


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You can buy a sticky papaer from glass suply shops and do the mosaic in reverse. When its all ready simply spread mastic on the wall place the mosaic and let it dry. Then peel off the sticky papaer. You can also do it right on the wall using wellbond. I would prepare a sketch first and lay all the dry pieces on the sketch and then place all the pieces on the wall at once.

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Klinger is doing her backsplash at her new home...ohhh KLLIIINNNGGGEEERRRR>>>>>>

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Okay so I'm her biggest fan!!! But check this out and you'll see why!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Klinger's

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huh'm her biggest fan!!!
as soon as the question was asked, I kept waiting for klinger to post her back splash...
do you have it, in your files? can you post it?
I know I had it as the background picture for the computer screen for the longest time...I love that back splash..
and haven't seen any others that I love as much....
but I doooo love Slow's bathroom back splash as much...
so, got two kitchen, one bathroom...
in fact, I had Slow's bathroom one on the screen until just yesterday, when I changed it to a mosaiced purse .....

Becky .(*_*).

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Well, I'll be - SEA - thank you again for that, and YES, I was hoping to see KLINGER's backsplash in her last house. Why aren't you giving us some WIP pics, KLINGER?

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Well, Happy holidays everyone. I've been mia, just to busy to visit here much. It's true, I am working on a new backsplash, it won't be quite as funky as the old one though.
Here's a couple of pics of the old one in all it's colorful glory, I kinda miss it.

I'll start a new thread later today with what's happening with the new one. I'm hoping to work on it quite a bit today. Cindy
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Just a quick question re: behind the cook top mosaic. Anyone have one and are they impossible to keep clean due to the grout? Is charcoal gray a better grout color? Has anyone used the grout with the sealer mixed in? I guess I should have said quick questions??

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Check out mine on the second response to Bev's question. It's as bright and clean as the day I finished it. As you can see, I used white grout cuz I was a beginner mosaicist. Very easy to keep clean - spritz w/Clorox Cleaner and Bleach, and wipe off. Of course, I don't fry foods - guess it w/get spattered a bit w/frying, but still, it's easy to clean. I also have white on my tiled countertops - I spritz w/the Clorox once or twice a week to disinfect and bleach the grout - squeeky clean and super easy..

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I love mosaic backsplashes. Yes, as others have already advised, your idea of how to do it is correct, except don't use hot glue.

Check out this black and white backsplash; it's so cool!

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