Does anyone use a Foiler???

mbhoneybee63December 10, 2012

Does anyone use a hand foiler for stained glass? If you do which one do you use? Do you find it effective?

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I find it effective. It's easier and faster than doing it by hand. I think you'd like it, assuming you do enough stained glass to justify the cost.

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Thanks phish for your response. I decided to buy one online last night just hoping it would help cut some time out of larger projects. I looking forward to using it once I get the process mastered.

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I have one and I never use it, just find by the time I haul out the toy, I can just handfoil as fast. Each to his own tho. I thought I would get a foiler too, like the kind that smooth the foil after it's on, that didn't work for me too well, I usea chopstick!lol! Then I bought a hand held holder for grinding glass, again, never use it, but it sure would save my poor fingers!lol!

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