betty's backsplash -big pics as requested

bettycbowenDecember 21, 2008

I wanted to get a pic up of my window sides before I leave for Christmas. If I've already done this, I am very sorry! Getting the semester over etc etc has fried my brain, plus one of runners for the pull out trays in my new custom cabinets collapsed about an hour ago and broke my late mother's favorite large cut crystal fan vase. So I'm a little shaky. doing this to calm down. On the upside, I successfully used my roller nippers to cut two very thin porcelain cups in half, and cut the main design out of the center of one of the broken bowls from her wedding china, so thanks y'all for that new skill.

Anyway - here the sides are laid out ready to thinset (so this is the backside)

This is the west side, before final cleaning.

This is the east side, which went up like a dream

And the newly remodeled kitchen in general, which I still can't believe is mine, especially having grown up in this house, it looks so familiar but so totally different. The now broken vase is on the top shelf of the glass front cabinet. Wish I'd left it there.

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Very nice backsplash, sorry to hear about the breakage, how frustrating for you.
Your new kitchen looks gorgeous, I really like the tall glass cabinet, and the light fixture is great too. You look like you have a stack of art work ready to go up, did you paint them all?I'd love to see pics of them if so, they look great.

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Oh man, sorry about the broken vase. I bet you were just sick about it. Your window looks awesome and your new kitchen is to die for...all that natural!

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Betty love your backsplash. Wonderful choice of colors. Bright and shiny. Did you grout? It's hard to tell the way the light is. Your kitchen is to die for. Congrats.


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Betty, it looks absolutely Delicious!

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DREAMY KITCHEN!!!! And the way you are Blinging it up! WOW!!! Sorry to hear about that darn shelf!!@#$

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GORGEOUS!! And I LOVE your new kitchen! Will be starting mine soon but doubt I'll do as fancy a baccksplash at yours!

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Beautiful kitchen, and I LOVE the subtle change from yellow to green - very nice blend. Is that tess smalti? Sure looks like it. So, w/you grout?

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What a beautiful kitchen!! I love what you have on the backsplash. the colors are awesome!!

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that's a wonderful open, airy, bright room...anyone would love to be busy in there...
yes, the subtle change of colors is great!

please do set the paintings out, so we can see the group of what's going up on the walls, please.....

Becky .(*_*).

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What a warm welcoming look! I love what you've done with the window! Gorgeous colors... and that wonderful flow of darker to lighter at the top. Love it!

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Aw thanks (blush). The tiles don't have any yellow in them, (ah computer monitors and phone cameras) but fade from light avacado to white and aqua/turquoise.

And the stacked paintings? They probably aren't going on the wall, they are the remnants of a 2-person show I'd just taken down and hauled home. They are the ones that have been shown twice but not sold, so are in line for....adjustments....(unless I still love them). The rose one above it is also one of mine, but a totally mushy sentimental thing like what I don't exhibit for sale, just do for myself, if that makes sense.

I have a website for my paintings & woodcuts, but don't want to violate any "business owner" things here.

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WOW!!! I just checked out your Bio page...NIIICCCEEE!!!!!

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Re your page, I see you're a multi-talented artist. This explains the successful blending technique. VERY nice work, BETTY.

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I've also just looked at your page, love your art, the colors and shapes are wonderful. Keep us updated on the backsplash,

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