Outlet Boxes that PUSH in.

jpl3300August 26, 2010

Any Suggestions - How to Fix Outlet Boxes that are not secure in the wall opening -(OK with wings to keep from pulling out, but nothing to stop from going in)? We purchased an OLD Home in 2006. Had it Re-Wired before moving in. (younger licensed electrician who had young men working for him). Found some outlets would push into the wall. Most wall materials are lath and plaster, others dry wall, so it must have been difficult to cut an opening exactly to size. Plus some of the original openings were used. Do we have any cause for redress from original electrician since it has been 4 years now? Should he/they have known better to have used another method to install "boxes"?

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" Do we have any cause for redress from original electrician since it has been 4 years now?"

They could have come loose in the intervening 4 years.

There is no excuse for box openings in the wall that are oversize and prevent the plaster ears (top and bottom of the box) from resting on the wall so they do not push back in.

The NEC requires the opening around the box in the wall to be no larger than 1/8 inch.

Just about any repair is likely to involve some plaster or drywall work.

The holding fixtures for the boxes are designed to prevent the box puling forward by resting on the back of the wall while the plaster ears rest on the finished surface and prevent the box from pushing into the wall.

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Is it the box that is loose, or, as is more often the case, the box is recessed into the wall so the receptacle strap does not rest on the box front nor do the plaster ears catch the wall face.
If this is the case, there are plastic adapters, short bits of small ID tubing, that are installed on the mounting screws between the strap and the box and serving to, in effect, extend the box front to the wall surface.

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Thank you for your responses to my inquiry!

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