Ceiling fan question

embethAugust 11, 2011

I am trying to install ceiling fans (with lights in my living room). The room has been wired appropriately (ground, neutral, and two hot wires), and we have installed Lutron switches with controls for the light and fan speeds.

We did all of this before purchasing the fans, and now I am having trouble sorting out what fans I can actually install. All of the fans I am interested in appear to come with remote control! (which we don't want.)

After looking at some manuals online, I am wondering under what circumstances I can bypass the remote. In particular, some manuals show the remote receiver coming as a separate unit that gets installed on-site. If there are the correct number of wires coming off of the fan, can I just leave the remote receiver out and hook things directly to the wiring in the ceiling?

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Yep - If you don't want the remote option, just don't install the receiver.

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Most of the fans I've seen have the remote as an optional accessory, which means it's just wired into the circuit and typically placed in the canopy. Unless there's some kind of modular plug, just ignore the remote. There will be four wires coming out of the fan. Black, [often] blue (or sometimes black with a white stripe), white, and green. The blue (of black striped) wire will be for the light.

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Thanks for the information!

I finally was able to talk with someone at the manufacturer of the fan I am interested in (Savoy House). They said that the receiver was separate and could be bypassed, but warned that there were a few reports of a buzz from the motor when doing this. (He said it was a wattage issue.) I couldn't tell if this was a real concern, or if the person was trying to talk me into buying their special wall switch (which is essentially a wall-mounted remote.) Does anyone know anything about this?

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