SD Came To Family Gathering

hopeful830November 28, 2011

Well - after SD 'claimed' she couldn't go to a family gathering at my husband's family this past Saturday due to having a wedding to attend to - she showed up.

Now - who would attend a Thanksgiving family gathering dressed like they were going to a biker bar? Well, my SD that's who. Had a miniskirt on that barely covered her privates and a sleeveless top that was ripped with zippers all over it. Tons of black makeup on - looked like Elvira-On-Crack.

Who in their right mind would dress this way?

If she WAS headed to a wedding....okay...what kind of wedding was this? Was it at Charlie's bar in the seediest part of town?

Back up a bit...I found out that my stepson told her that her husband was not welcome at his house which is where the party was at. Mainly due to how she created an entire story of how her husband was abusing her. So she then created the story of a 'wedding' so she could cover up to other family members so they didn't hear the true reason her husband wasn't invited. She then called my DH quite a few times Friday night and Saturday in the AM to whine to him how her husband was not dare people treat her this way....yada yada yada.

So.......she shows up husband-less..with a 1 year old child in tow looking like a 2 dollar whore. Kudos to ya! Makes me smile to think of what a life that poor child must lead. NOT.

I also found out that day that she has been sleeping with her boss...all this and she has only been married for over a year and 1 month. What a role DH must be so proud!!

And this is hysterical...she actually tries to get my attention..when I look at her and ask what the hell she wants she says - "We are all so glad you came today!" like she and I were best friends. I just looked at her like she was totally insane and ignored her. For one thing when she walked in the house looking like a reject from a Ron Jeremy movie not ONE person said hello to her, including myself. She then went back outside to where my husband was at for he was the only one that would talk to her. Even my stepsons ignored her.

So....tell me again how WE are all glad I came....right. LOL! Hysterical!

She never watched her child who ran wild through the house while she spent time bending over showing us all what God gave her...what a wonderful mother!!

When she left, she motioned for my DH to come outside so she could cry to him about how her husband is so slighted by the family and now she feels the same..and his wife just ignored her hoo! She's just so misunderstood.

And what did my DH do? Said he was going to do what he could to be the 'glue' that holds his family together. I told him good luck....I'm done and no amount of Elmer's will ever make me change my mind. She's created too many lies for his family to ever trust her..and he's totally oblivious to it.

Oh - and her birthday is coming up - I have already told DH I will not be attending ANY celebration for her - I'd rather pull my own teeth than celebrate anything of hers. She tried to get him to say when he can plan a party for her..and WOW..was he stuttering! He has no idea how to plan any such party and I will have nothing to do with it. So for that..he's on his own.

This should be fun. :)

Just another day in the life of a jackass for a SD. Nothing changes. :)

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Shhhhhh! No worries what she wore, not your kid, not your problem....remember your key to happiness is to disengage.

Shhhhhh! Don't waste the time pre-discussing her birthday. If he brings it up, a simple 'oh, that will be nice, I hope the two of you have a lovely time'. But if it needs to be clarified, be sure he knows if the 'party' is at your house you expect him to make all arrangements and clean'll be out with some friends.

A csual but civil noncommitted 'hello' followed up with an 'excuse me, I need to go talk to/help so & so (whatever) is all the attention required of you at the family get-together.

Sounds like your DH has his work cut out for him if he's serious about gluing his family back together. Her husband is not welcome in her brother's house either....but remember, not your kid, not your problem.

Hope the food and the other socializing went well.

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The food was great! Socializing went well as well! :)

I see so strongly how my DH stayed with her mother for so long..her mother is a total piece of you-know-what and the apple is falling from her tree. Cheated on my DH, treated him like crap, the family shunned her for all her lies/accusations/BS...and the daughter has become her all over again.

But question - if DH had to divorce her sorry butt to be rid of that does he stop his daughter? He can't divorce her...but he chooses to take all her crap due to she's his daughter. Condones her BS even though it's all the stuff her mother did..stealing, lying, does someone do that? And is loving someone enough to keep things put together?

You're right..DH has his work cut out for him.

But you're again right..not my kid, not my problem. :)

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"if DH had to divorce her sorry butt to be rid of that does he stop his daughter?"

That's his problem, not yours. He cannot divorce her, he is stuck with her. My SD is JUST like her mother but DH is stuck with it, I have removed myself from that. My dad is stuck with my sister who is just like my mom... and it bugs the heck out of my dad but he is her dad.

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