recessed socket clip HELP!

jhough1925August 12, 2012

If you can see from the picture, the socket on my recessed light has a clip that screws into the top of the socket. On one of my outside fixtures, this clip has rusted apart. The clip serves two functions. The extensions hold the baffle to the socket and the part of the clip that is flush to the top of the socket has holes in either end that the wire "thingy" that lets you push the baffle up, clips into. I just need this dual clip and can't find one online. Can anyone help. I think they are Progress lights

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"Progress lights"

HD brnd IIRC.

You are probably going to have t buy anther one and cannibalize it for parts.

Hopefully they have not changed the design.

Spring steel rusts pretty easily, and you are going to have a tough time finding a long term coating to prevent it for use outside and at the temperature the can likely gets to in operation.

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Thanks "brickeye" I'll try to contact Progress tomorrow. Sure don't want to spend $100.00 for a .5 cent clip. Do you think a metal shop would or could cut some custom for me? I have one close by.

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"Do you think a metal shop would or could cut some custom for me? "
The heat treatment to make a spring will be the hangup, and it might well cost more than $100 by the time you are done at a machine shop.

'One offs' are often very expensive.

Another light should be in the $20 to $30 range.

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