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mattie_2008December 12, 2010

Sorry I don't post more often, but I do lurk and really enjoy seeing what everyone is doing. Some truly amazing projects but really gifted people. This is my WIP, just had my husband go through the maze of uploading, it is so complicated and I can't wrap my head around it. Anyway, hopefully he will do it again as work progresses.

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Maybe I'll try a link

Here is a link that might be useful: parrots

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That is so colorful. When will it be finished?

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Forgot to respond to your thread, MADDIE: That is quite a gigantic project, and portends to be very detailed and beautiful. Where are you in Mexico? I soooooo want to go in Feb., but not sure Riana is going to have enough sign up for her annual Puerto Vallarta workshop. I want to go just to see her one last time, and to mosaic something she left a couple hrs. ago - just hanging out in paradise, mosaicing leisurely in the wonderful art-filled atmosphere.

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Wow, it looks amazing! I love how you're clipping the glass to look like feathers. Really beautiful! Please post progress pics as you go along.

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Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas to you all. I am now about 3/4 done but getting the pics off picasa is something I just am unable to do. My husband has been busy but maybe I can sweet talk him into doing it for me one of these days. Maybe, is there an easy way, that you all might know?

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Mattie, lovely project you have going on there.. I use photobucket for saving photos on. It's easy to use and all you do is copy the right link and paste it.

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