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carolann_z8December 16, 2008

Hi everyone, I haven't been on the mosaic forum for a while and really miss all of you. My husband had open heart surgery so I had to put everything on hold. I'm so happy to say he's fine now. God really watched over him.

I am really wanting to start a project and would appreciate your help. I want to do a project inside but it will be for outdoors. I bought a tube of Mapei premixed adhesive and grout at Lowes and was wondering if this is a good product for mosaics that will be outdoors.

I also have E6000 but I think that may need to be used in a ventilated area. I would use thinset but I'm thinking it would be too messy.

Carol Ann

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Get the thinset - not any messier than the pre-mixed which WON'T WORK OUTSIDE. I KNOW - it's easy to use, but it's not for exterior work. The Mapei Ultra Flex II is what I use for adhesive AND grout for durability outside. Welcome back, and so glad that your DH is OK.

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Thanks slowmedown. It's so nice of you to take time to give me advice. I am anxious to do a project. I've never been one for cold weather or staying indoors.

My daughter is due to have a baby any day so I will have to help her but will start a project as soon as I get home.

Mosaics are a sure way to cure cabin fever.

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I'm glad you asked that question, as I was going to need a refresher on that too! Welcome back and we're so happy to hear that your DH is doing well!

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Hi Carolann,
So glad that your hubby is better! And you're going to have a grandbaby! What a blessing! :)
I haven't doing much for outside. But have some stepping stones in mind.... will use Slow's suggestion, too.

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Carolann, glad hubs is doing better. And congrats on new GB. Might want to go with GEII also for outside. I'd rather be outside too, but weather keeps me in. Happy mosaicing.


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What great news you bring and it's so good to hear from a member who has been absent!!! I have used thinset, mixed up in those individual yogurt containers, just so I could work for 1/2hr and then go do something else. It is so easy to clean up that way too! I use a popcycle stick.

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Thanks, you guys are the best. I don't have time to do a project yet. I bought some pretty tile in her town and smashed up some plates. I'm all ready to go.

Calamity, I like your idea of thinset in yogurt containers. I could buy white thinset and use it for grouting too.

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What were you going to use for a base to put the pottery on.

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