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niveaNovember 16, 2009

Ok, I posted this on the parents forum but it seems slow over there and you guys always have great advice so here goes :)

Help! Ok, I am not the best at housekeeping or organization, at all. Even though I am a stickler for cleanliness and organization -- mostly my coping skills have been to hire someone to do things for me that I have the most trouble with.

So anyway, DD is very creative. She has always been an artistic little soul and makes a lot of creations, daily. When she was younger it wasn't so bad cause I could throw away most stuff and she didn't notice and it didn't build up. I kept some stuff to put in her keepsake box. So now she is a bit older and she gifts a lot of things to me and wants to keep a lot of stuff....and its made from trash. She likes to make stuff out of gatorade bottles, toilet paper (not used, thank goodness), paper towels, duct tape, basically stuff you find in the trash. She decorates my room with it, all over my nightstands, my dresser, my bathroom, her room, the living room, the walls, the kitchen table....I don't know what to do. She is so proud of what she creates and yes, it can be pretty neat....but it invades everything. I don't know how to tell her I don't want anymore cause she makes me something about once a day and now I can't throw it away...help, ideas? Anything?

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I hear you!
Hubby is the same with DS13's artwork...

How about a small but prominent spot for "Art of the Day" -- where ONE piece sits until it is replaced by the next piece. Then one good-sized "Keepsake Box" that is your daughter's to keep for you. If it can fit into the box - great. If not, she has to choose which pieces will stay and which will go.

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AHHH! My DD does the same thing!

Candy wrappers, empty water bottles, leftover scraps of material, etc---she saves them ALL and turns them into artwork!

I like Sweeby's idea of a good-sized keepsake box!

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Sweeby, those are really great ideas. Cross my fingers and just hope DD goes for it and not too upset. I realize I sound like I'm an overindulgent parent right now, but she really is so proud and some of it is really neat, but its trash! LOL, I guess I should be happy she's not decorating with poo anymore. And I did take pix of the poo wall art lol.

Haha LH, don't you just feel like a big meanie throwing them away? lol

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Just today I was reading Michael Chabon's new book of essays, "Manhood for Amateurs," and he was talking about the same issue! His essay is really funny, it's called "The Memory Hole." His technique is similar to what mine was when the kids were small. I would have areas of the house where artwork could be proudly displayed, and then I would tell them I was going to "put away for safe keeping" the older art projects, and I'd store them in a big plastic container in the basement. Then as time went by, I'd select the most meaningful items and transfer those to another container and the "practice items" would mysteriously disappear, ha! Long after they remembered they had labored so hard over a particular creation. (The storage went over OK because I told them that art curators do the same thing.)

Of course, the age they are now, it's fun to bring forth some of those efforts and review them, especially when they bring a boyfriend over.

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nivea, how old is DD?

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DD is 6.

Yeah, I think it will be cool to pull out some of her creations when she is older. She made a sand timer two years ago out of gatorade bottles and other scraps she found, she actually timed with a watch and kept adjusting the amount of sand to get it just right. I was pretty impressed!

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lots of great ideas and I would like to add that I saw once on a parenting web site, they suggested taking photos of the art work and keeping them in a special book, like with plastic folders and you insert the photos in it, with the date the art work was done. Then you can display some of the photos on your walls if you wish and you can also toss some of the "creations" because now you have a photo to always remember and cherish them with!! :D

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lol I have the same issue,finally I decided that one day, many years from now I will be wishing for one of my kiddos to come running in the room with an awsome creation that I am supposed to guess what the heck it is?????
So now I just go with the flow, and there sure is a lot of it with 3 kids!
One thing I did do though was get some HUGE frames from walmart and put a lot of artwork in there, even if its thicker than a piece of paper I manage to squish it in there, have them hanging on the walls through out the house, kids are proud, I will always have it and it helps with the clutter lol

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this thread is just too funny my DD is exactly the same way and everything she makes is priceless to her. I basically did the same thing that sweeby suggested. I have a box that I keep the ones that seem special to me and I gave her (and each kid actually because they are a bunch of pack rats) one of those large totes that you find at walmart or where ever.. and told them if it doesnt fit they cant keep it. If it gets full its time reevaluate which ones really are important. For my creative little ones the box became a piece of artwork as well. It works pretty well

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DD was the same way, in fact she still makes stuff out of something she finds. she was never very particular about keeping it, so i keep some things exposed like on a shelf, but the rest are hidden in boxes or under the bed. I kept just some of the things, not everything. DD never wanted to hang any of that in a living room though, just her room or a bedroom. i think it is girl's thing.

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