Some nice news on SD

lamomNovember 7, 2009

SD36 gave DS7 a $50 Toys R Us gift card for his birthday around a month ago. This is a standard gift that she gives to the younger relatives although I think $50 was extra generous. My little boy is only 7 so $50 is a lot of money. She also takes them to shop at Toys R Us so they can pick out their own gift. She had not taken DS7 before.

I asked SD if she would take him to Toys R Us with the gift card to shop so he would understand that the gift was really from her.

She picked him up this morning, took him to TRU where he purchased one item, another Wii game. She called me to ask if it was OK and I said yes as the gift is really from her. DS7 was happy to be with her, well behaved at the story (whew!) and she said she enjoyed taking him. She was impressed that he was happy with one thing that only cost $20 and wanted to save his remaining $30 balance for later. I was proud! Later we had a nice chat on the phone.

I am very happy that she took a couple of hours to bond with him. Especially since I am home with the flu today. She even offered to bring ME some medicine but I told her that DH would. I should have said yes as he hasn't shown with cold medicine yet! Luckily DS7 was on his best behavior and some of the other family kids have gone wild on these shopping trips so she was impressed.

See, it's not all negative! You guys are right, SD36 in making a decided effort and I appreciate it.

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I'm so glad to hear this news! Yay!

And I hope you feel better soon--rest up!

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Hope you feel better and I am glad to hear that sd is making the effort! Thats great news!!

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That really is terrific news. I am happy for all of you.

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That IS good news --
So glad to hear she made the effort and that DS was so well-behaved.

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Lamon, I am SO happy to hear this!! Way to go!! It's so nice when good things happen, and especially for your little guy, he so deserves good things!! Feel better soon and take care of yourself!!

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great news, and it is impressive he only wanted to spend $20. very mature young man! and how nice of SD!

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Thanks all, I feel encouraged. I'm thinking about inviting SD along to a play I have tickets for with DS and DH but I don't want to push it. It's a family oriented play but a pretty hot ticket. We'll see.

What SD did yesterday taking DS shopping was very nice. It's exactly what I've wanted for a long time. Hopefully, things can continue to grow from here. Just hoping that none if this boomerangs when SS gets wind but ce la vie! (sp)

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So, I called SD36 and asked if she wanted to attend this play with DH, DS7 and me. She hesistated, questioned the date but finally said "Yeah, I'll go." OK, maybe my expectations were out of line again on her reaction, these are not cheap theater tickets! But she will come and I'm hopeful it will be a good outing. Could be it's the play itself dampening her enthusiasm since it is a family oriented play.

Cross your fingers! I hope this is not too much togetherness for her.

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