Nice looking transition AC cable to undercabinet light driver?

scorpionleatherAugust 28, 2013

While the walls were open, my cabinet maker told me to poke the 120V wires out of the walls just under the upper cabinets for the undercabinet lighting. So I poked out 3 armored cables just under these 3 groups of cabinets.

Now I'm looking at Hafele LED systems. These use a driver which simply plugs into an outlet. I am puzzled how I can make a nice transition from the 120V armored cable to supply power to the driver. Normally I would use a junction box for this purpose, but if I did that it would look ugly sticking out from under the cabinet. It would be tough to put a jbox inside the cabinet because the armored cable can't make a tight radius bend to go back inside the cabinet (if I would have known.. maybe I would have had the cable poke into the interior of the cabinet).

Any ideas how to make this look nice and concealed with what I've got so far?

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Ron Natalie

Why don't you just move them? Drill through the back of the cabinet and push the cable back and fish it up.

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I put receptacles above my cabinets for my 12v lighting and ran the wires down between the cabinets. The transformers are nicely hidden above the cabinets.

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Moving the cable higher is a good idea.. but are there tricks to fishing up the AC cables if I drill through the cabinets to move the cable into the cabinet interior? This type of cable is not easy to bend, and it is strapped to the wall studs higher up near the ceiling so I can't pull it higher from the attic.

Suppose I drill a small hole in the cabinet so it can poke through inside the cabinet. I have no idea how I'd be able to grab onto the very end of the AC cable which is inside the wall and force it to loop around and come up through the new hole.

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Drill/cut a hole big enough for your hand, the box will cover it anyway

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If you have accessible space in the attic, can you run a new cable down the wall cavity and abandon the one at the bottom?

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I was talking to the cabinet maker right now, and we have the idea to abandon the existing 120V cable and put the LED driver in the attic, then run the low voltage wire down behind the back of the upper cabinets where there's a nailer board gap between the cabinets and wall. Would this be ok according to NEC electrical code? I'm familiar with 120V codes, but I don't know what's allowed for low voltage wire runs.

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