Paint/strip door hinge?

stuvwxyz99August 2, 2012

I have some steel door frames (from which the hinge cannot be removed). The current state of these hinges looks like the example below, having been left this way by the previous owners.

I figure it would look better completely painted or completely stripped. Any advice on the best way to achieve either?


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If the paint is latex, you should be able to clean it off with goof off. Previous owners here did about the same thing, except our doors are wood. I managed to get it all off. On the flat part, I did use a razor blade, because some areas were very thick. Good Luck.

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Annie Deighnaugh

strip, don't paint. We stripped all of ours at the old house which were painted...looked just like yours...but we removed them from the doors was a challenge but doable.

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They don't look like they are very old, so either I would replace them with new, or strip them (please don't paint them!).

If you decide to strip them, goof off will be hard work, and very time consuming. For all our old hardware, I read a trick, which I tried... and it works perfect. Either on a pot or a crock pot (I used a crock pot) place your hardware, cover with water & add liquid laundry detergent. Cook for several house, and the paint will just fall off.

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Unfortunately, the hinges cannot be removed (for replacement or for the crock-pot trick). They are an integral part of the steel door frame (either welded or riveted, not sure which).

I will give the goof-off a try.

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