Outdoor low voltage wiring question

kudzu9August 25, 2012

I'm installing several 20-Watt Malibu brand outdoor low voltage lights that run off a 12V weatherproof transformer. One of the instructions is: "Install first fixture a minimum of 10 feet from the Power Pack." Well, my first light has to be in a certain position about 6' away from the power pack location, and I don't have anywhere else to plug-in the Power Pack. The cable can't be run from the Power Pack to the first light in a straight line: it takes a circuitous path that requires about 12' of cable.

I called Malibu Customer Service, but they aren't open on the weekend and I'd like to get this done before Monday. I'm assuming that I'll be fine, but I am curious why there is supposed to be this separation, and whether it affects what I am doing, or whether the fact that it takes more than 10' of cable to get to the first light negates any issue.

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12 feet of cable is longer than 10 feet.

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it takes a circuitous path that requires about 12' of cable.

That's fine. They want a minimum 10' of cable between the transformer and first fixture.

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mike- Thanks for confirming the 10' distance referred to the cable length and not, for some reason, the physical proximity.

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