Freestanding Outdoor Power Outlet?

jaxoAugust 24, 2013

I would like to have an electric outlet installed on the fence side of the patio.
I'm having a new flagstone patio installed and the contractor is building a conduit to run the electrical and a water line from the house side to the fence side so that a small water feature fountain tower or overflowing pot fountain and lighting for it can be installed near the fence. There needs to be a way to power the pump and lighting for the water feature. There are already existing low voltage LED garden lights om that area but I assume the pump cannot tap into the line the powers those lights and I need to be able to control the fountain separately so I can use the water feature both day and night whether or not the garden lights are on.
The contractor has the idea of mounting the new outlet onto the wood fence. I don't like that idea and I would rather that it not be mounted on the fence, but instead stick straight out of the ground on a pole freestanding like a mini tree,
I think mounting an electrical outlet on the fence would complicate future fence repairs and I don't want any mounting hardware bolted through the fence that would show on the other side of the fence.
The area will be fully exposed to weather and rain as there is not any kind of roof over that area.
Is this possible? I was trying to do a search for freestanding power outlets and cannot even find a photo of one online.

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If it is on a post it is not free standing anymore. This is from Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: post outlet

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I have seen freestanding power outlets quite often in my old neighborhood and they were usually next to trees or shrubbery. The most common use was to plug in Christmas lights or accent lighting.

If you use outdoor electrical conduit and junction boxes you can keep out the rain. You would need to pour a small cement pad or use a short post to keep the box/conduit upright and above the normal grass level a few inches. Based on what you have described, a short section of upright 4x4 might work well for your purposes.


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On the one hand, even though I can't see your fence, I am with you on not wanting unsightly hardware on the fence complicating fence repair. The post in the post by Hendricus is a nice-looking unit.

On the other hand, you might find something attractive that can be attached to the fence too. If you find something to run the cable in attached to a fence post, that is one less thing to trim around. I think that you are overestimating the fence repair issue. If you need fence repair in the area of the outlet box, just cut the power and unhook it. You re-attach or replace when done with the fence.

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The Arlington Garden Post is an excellent solution. I've used MANY of them.

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