Positive with SD

ashley1979November 30, 2010

Social networking is such a sticky situation to get into!

SD got a MySpace page when she turned 14. She never told DH, even when BM (supposedly) told her to tell him. I'm not sure how DH found out, but on the trip for the wedding, SD's boyfriend (at the time), whom had never met me or DH, asked to be my friend on MySpace. I RARELY get on there so I was shocked when I got the e-mail notification. How would he have known me (we weren't married so I had my previous name still) unless SD told him who I was? I wasn't friends with her on MySpace and neither was DH. I asked DH what to do and he said to ignore it and don't worry about it. Strange, huh?

A year or so ago DH became friends with his son and DIL on Facebook. It's been really great for him to keep up with his grandkids.

After we got back from son's wedding, DH suggested I ask them to be friends. I told him no. That I was not going to befriend either of his kids on any social networking site unless they asked first. I want them to decide on what they want their relationship with me to be, and I don't want to force myself on them.

SD got a Facebook page about a month ago, and last week asked me to be her friend. I accepted, of course, but was totally encouraged that SHE chose to include me.

So, anyway, thank God for small steps!

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that's so good to hear!!

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That is great!!

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That is a great step forward, Ash!

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That is great! I'm not a huge FB person, but I do have one. Since my younger relatives seem to be on it all the time it's such a nice way to not only know what they are up to but a great way to learn things about them that I never knew (a movie they like, a food they can't stand, etc.)

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Thanks, everyone! It really made my day....made my week, even! She didn't have to include me, but she did, with no prompting from me. I see it as a huge step forward!

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BM did something interesting. DH texted her that his father had passed away in order to try to make arrangements for SD to come to the funeral. She texted back "please let me tell her, I don't want her to be alone when she finds out." Just another way BM wants to be involved in everything.

And SD was sad about her grandpa dying, but she wasn't upset, which is understandable the way BM has alienated her from DH and his family. If she would've gone to her brother's wedding, she would've gotten to see her GP before he died. THAT should be on BM for not pressing SD to go. So now SD didn't go to either her brother's wedding or GP's funeral. When will be the next time she will see her GM? When SHE dies?

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I think it is a great step forward for you, but I personally do not want to find out on FB what SDs up to.

I know that YSD22 is a party girl and posts about it on FB. I remember once she told dad stories how she studied the whole night and now is tired and needs to sleep (3 hours during the day). Both I and SO were clueless.

OSD29 was visiting from out of town and was clearly unhappy with YSD and i commented that poor YSD is just tired from studying. OSD rolled her eyes, and told me that she is lucky dad does nto have FB account because YSD posts regurarly what she does.

She was at a drinking party all night with some guy and was hangover next day, no, she did not study at all. And it was a day before MCAT and she did not do too well.

I never told SO. If i woudl be friends with SDs on FB, I would know what they do and would have to withhold it from SO and it would drive me crazy. I honestly do not want to know what they are up to unelss they directly tell me via personal contact.

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