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jimmyleonAugust 8, 2012

I am having a garage added to my house. I want to add two 20 amp circuits so lights and receptacles will be on different circuits. Can I just run a 12/3 wire from my main panel to the garage and use a shared neutral at the main panel? In the garage branch off with say black for lights and red for receptacles. If so do I need a double pole breaker like you wire a 240 circuit or a set of 20 amp breakers that have handles on the breakers so if one circuit trips they both do? I guess what I am asking is if just a standard double pole 20 amp breaker is ok. Red and black wire on the breaker and white, of course, to the neutral. Will this work? Thanks!

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Yes, a standard double-pole 20A breaker is what you need. You also need to connect a ground (but you already knew that).

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Use the double pole breaker. No possibility of getting both circuits on the same pole of the service.
Be sure to keep all your receptacles at least 18" above the floor in the garage. If lower than 18", your inspector may call it a Class 1 location. You really do not want to know how much that costs.

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Thanks, Kurto and Bus Driver. That is what I will do.

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