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ajc9August 16, 2012

Hello all!

I'm about to purchase some pillows to brighten up our living room. Right's a blank slate. We moved into our home several months ago and ive been working on the it's time to decorate the living room!

I'm looking at the below pillow as a base. It comes in orange or green. Im leaning towards using green...just love this color! I want a pattern to pair with the solid. I'd love to find a touch better deal than this ...but it looks like a good quality piece nonetheless.

How many pillows for a standard sofa and love seat? They are both boring beige...but a good backdrop for adding a pop of color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy basic green pillow

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I would say at least two patterned and two plain for the sofa (a pair for each side) and one patterned and one plain for the love seat (a pair for one side).

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That was my initial thought too...thanks for your reply palimpsest. Gosh...this will set me back a bit! I've tried other stores...but keep going back to etsy;)

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There is a place on there called Good Fabric Store that is based in Honk Kong, but they seem to have positive feedback. They have some very inexpensive plain pillows in various sizes and then you would have more budget for the patterned ones.

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I ended up making a lot of my own pillows because I could not find exactly what I want,

Half of these I made; half I bought.

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Do you live in Canada, where the pillow cover is located?
I sew (a lot) and I am shocked at the price, although it's a beautiful color. That is an 18" x 18" pillow COVER only, and the back of it is not the green fabric. The backing is a cotton duck in winter white, meaning you couldn't flip it over.
If you sew at all or have a friend who does, you can make several pillow covers for that price using fabric remnants readily available, and have a huge choice of colors and designs.

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Sugar Plum

Like my3dogs, I sew a lot, so I have a hard time justifying the price of that Etsy pillow. It's a beautiful color and fabric, but if you can sew a straight line, you could duplicate that for next to nothing. I recently posted pics here of my daughter's new college apartment - I sewed 7 pillow covers (5 for the couch, 1 each for two chairs) - out of fabric remnants, discontinued sample swatches, and scraps. I think my total investment in these 7 pillows is less than $50, and that includes zippers, cording for the welting, and the inserts (but I did get some incredible bargains on the pillow inserts, and used some fabric I already had for the welting and trim).

I think you should visit some fabric stores. All of my local (non-chain) fabric / interiors stores have remnant shelves where you can get small amounts of fabric for bargain prices. These stores also can refer you to local seamstresses and fabricators who can sew for you if you absolutely can't thread a needle.

I have found interesting throw pillows at places like Tuesday Morning, Marshalls, and Home Goods too.

Good luck! I also have neutral couches, and change out the pillows very frequently, depending on the season, my mood, and if I find a bargain on another interesting fabric remnant!

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I have good luck finding pillows at WalMart and Bed Bath and Beyond (not on-line). Since I change out often, I wouldn't pay $46 for a single pillow.

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I too often find pillows at Home Goods, but it is hit or miss.

And, I too was SHOCKED by the price of that Etsy pillow. I may have to start selling pillow covers on Etsy myself. And that was only for the cover, with a different back, and high shipping. Wow. She does have some pretty pillows, though.

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I don't have any photos of my toss pillows to share right now but I have a bunch of them in shades of tan, red, and yellow/gold. I like that color combo but I'm growing a little tired of it so I may have to switch it up soon. I'm obsessed with toss pillows and ogle them every time I go to Target, World Market, Marshalls or Home Goods. A pretty pillow can bring joy to my heart. :)

I do really like the one you're considering but wouldn't pay that much for it. A pillow would have to be VERY unique and special for me to pay that price and the green one, though nice, seems like something I could relatively easily replicate by finding a similar color at a big box store.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I wish I did sew but for now I buy pillows. This pic is my tiny sitting room that is primarily used for napping. The pillows are the spring/summer ones and I switch them out to the fall/winter ones next month. I like pottery barn pillow covers a lot. Nice style, details, good price (relatively)
The small crewel one in the middle is all wool and from mom's early seventies living room.

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I love, love, love, pillows....
I make most of mine...tapestries and needlepoint.
I have pillows on all my chairs, even my dining room chairs...

Here's just a few from the LR sofa and chairs.

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I'm away from my computer, so no pix, but I also use alot of pillow covers. So easy to change or update your look. I also strongly recommend feather pillow inserts. And use a insert a couple of inches larger than your cover. Makes the pillow look much "plumper". I hate a flat looking pillow!!


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Oooh...this is such a help! I know...that IS a lot of $, isn't it? I may as well buy a new chair by the time im finished with pillow purchases. You've talked some sense into me...i could splurge...but would feel guilty thereafter!

I need to visit some fabric stores. I don't sew...but my mom sews a touch...hems pants and sews buttons...maybe she can help me ...

Great pics, all...I'm jealous...!

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There are a ton of tutorials online for making toss pillows without sewing. All use some sort of fabric fusing tape.

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Bbstx, thanks for the heads up on that as I have some awesome fabric, but don't know anyone who sews.

Of course, now that school is starting up who knows when I can actually do it!

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biochem101 has lots of pillows.

The ones on sale each week change.

They even have tapestry pillows.

If you follow Pal's suggestion of 2 plain/print, then get the plain pair from Overstock.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I hate paying big bucks for pillows, so I do make my own. But even the pillow forms are expensive. I got lucky and found these pillows at Kmart for a couple of bucks each....they were in the travel section as they're "travel" pillows...go figure! Then I recovered them in leftover fabric from the valances.

Do a google search on no sew pillow covers and you'll find some interesting options including using fabric, scarves or dish towels

Here is a link that might be useful: No sew pillow cover

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Below are lots of toss pillow covers and very reasonable, I love the 9th one down. This is much easier than making them.

Here is a link that might be useful: pillow covers

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What a lovely room Bumblebeez. I would love to take a nap there!

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Bumblebeez, that painting is gorgeous. It completely makes the room!

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Oh my, a $43 pillow is a little too expensive for me also. I've sewn a few, which were relatively easy. I also tried painting using a stencil on a plain ivory fabric, and using metallic colors, copper and pewter in a Damask pattern~very pretty(if I may say so myself!). I've also started with ready-made, and added embellishments~you can get very creative.

Cliff and joann, your pillows are gorgeous~do you start with a ready-made? I have several tapestries and may have to give it a try. Would be a nice winer project.

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Ooh...I didn't hit the email me with follow ups button and am just now noticing my post being resurrected from August. Thanks for the pictures and links! I still haven't purchased any. Yayagal...we have similar tastes...I like 9th one down as well. I've got to cross this off the boring beige sofas are driving me bonkers now that winter is near...I need some color!

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