So NOW it's a good idea? Just a little aahhh! :)

cephNovember 23, 2009

So, anybody remember waaaay back, when I suggested that we have a better set schedule for when A__ (my 10yo SS) comes and goes from each house? And it was met with "but that will NEVER work for us, yadda yadda yadda..."?

It would have been a challenge to figure out a good schedule, and there would have had to be a lot of flexibility in it, but it could have been done.

Anyhow, guess who thinks we should have a regular schedule now? You guessed right: BM!

I'm all over the idea. I think it's terrific and it's going to be good for A__ and for everyone else.

I'm just shaking my head at that it was met with endless resistance when I suggested it, but now it's apparently the best idea in the world.

Nothing to do but laugh!!

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Well now she thinks it is her idea so of course it is wonderful! LOL

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Wow, she is just so brilliant!

Seriously, though, at least it's finally happening for you and DH. Any idea what the proposed schedule will be?

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Oh dear, but that is really going to be so much better for everyone. Thank goodness she thought of that! -Doh!


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Yeah, it's going to be an EOW type thing.
So more than we've seen him lately, but less than we used to see him.

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well now it suits her purposes to have a schedule - she's got a baby to plan around as well and this will make her life easier. Aren't you happy SHE came up with the idea? :-)

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