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mbhoneybee63December 6, 2012

I have just finished my 7th (of 8) classes in "Learning the Art of Stained Glass". I am quite excited about this because I have for a few decades wanted to learn this. I have my little studio set up in my basement and have been doing a number of things on my own in between classes, just to practice. I will most assuredly be asking numerous questions over the next few months....but here is the first one. I have been using Venture copper foil in class, but found Brighton foil online for a little less money. I don't want to sacrifice quality for a bit of a difference in price but wondered what your favorites are and why. Thanks for the help! Melissa

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Hi Melissa! And Welcome! I have only used Venture here where I live, they don't even have that other brand so can't give a comparison, but I can't see a big difference being done. I hope you post a few pictures of some of the stuff you have made. My first class, I made a window, very simple, and then a lamp...and I had gone and bought a bunch of "harder to cut" glass, not knowing what I was doing, but sure enjoy the whole process of learning about stained glass!

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