Help with matching foyer lights for upper hallway

aries61August 8, 2012

I need some help with deciding what type of hall lights will go with my new foyer light which is pictured below.

It's a two story foyer where you can see the upper hall which has two lights. The light that I'll be installing in the foyer didn't have any matching lights available.

What are you suggestions? Pictures are appreciated too.

I do realize that there is lighting forum, but think that decorating gets more traffic.


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hi aries61 - nice fixture.

are you looking for sconces for your hallway or ceiling light? do you have space for flush mount or just hanging fixtures?

do you have a picture of hallway? sounds like you are hoping to replace what is there, so picture might help you get best responses...

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Maybe something like this?

Here is a link that might be useful: -- possible lights?

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design-wotcha...thanks for the complement on the fixture.

Looking to replace two ceiling lights in the upper hallway and possibly the sconce that I have at a landing of the staircase going up. I'll try to post pictures later today when I get home from work.

I'm actually updating the whole house. I'll be stripping and re-staining the staircase and replacing the balusters,changing out the interior doors and trim, replacing tile, updating the kitchen and bathrooms and more.

teacats...thanks for the link. Nice fixtures, but it doesn't anything for me.

I came across this one. What does everyone think of this?

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