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TXTroyJuly 19, 2011

The electricians who wired my house, put two rooms on one 15 amp circuit. Thats 15 receptacles and 7 light fixtures. Needless to say, we were tripping the breaker all the time.

I found a way to split the circuit into two 15 amp circuits, but I decided to run an additional 20 amp circuit to my media center outlet (this outlet was on the single aforementioned 15 amp circ).

My question is: Is there anything wrong with only one receptacle on a twenty amp circuit?


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Ron Natalie

If you have exactly one receptacle, it has to be a 20A pin configuration.
If it's a duplex (or otherwise more than one), then you can place any number of 15A or 20A receptacles on the circuit.

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