Simple Question about a Three Rocker Switch

susanelewisJuly 9, 2010

We just had a Panasonic WhisperWarm FV11VHL2 Vent Fan Heater Lite installed in our bathroom. I had picked out the appropriate switches for it but soon found out that I could not fit a 3 gang box on the wall. So I'm back stuck with my two gang box and quad rockers.

I want to put a timer on just the exhaust fan. I found the following Leviton switch that could handle the three other functions for the other side of the switchbox(see below).

However, the three switches would need to control the heater, light and nightlight. The description for the switch states:

Individual Switches: 15 Amp 120 Volt/Device Total 20 Amp 120 Volt

Here is the watts used for each component:

Heater: 1425 w

CFL light: 36 w

Night light:4 w

The total is 12.2 amps if everything is turned on at the same time and under 12 amps for just the heater.

This triple rocker would allow us to use the other gang for a timer for the exhaust fan. I'm concerned about the triple switch because most things I read suggest a 20amp switch for the heater. This triple rocker is rated for a "total of 20 amp" but each switch individually is only 15 amp.

Can I use this triple rocker for my situation?

Here is a link that might be useful: Leviton switch

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Here's another switch that is rated for 20 amp and even lists heater as one to control...Would this one be a better choice?

Here is a link that might be useful: Broan 20amp variable control switch

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Hello?????? Anyone?

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We have the first one you mentioned and it works just great. There has never been a need for a timer on our exhaust fan, when you're done the room is dry enough to turn everything off.

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Thanks, hendricus. I was at this point just wanting confirmation as we installed the Broan one (available at Lowes) over the weekend. So far so good. Is one of your functions a heater? That was the item that concerned me.

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Heat, fan, light on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Sounds like just what you have. The light only holds a 40 watt bulb so we use it as an evening light and rarely use the main lights if we are just in and out of the bathroom

Tha main lights are in a separate switch below the three gang and the three is higher than a normal switch so visitors don't monkey with it. The idea was to make it clear which switch to use without labels.

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