3-way switch help

tim45z10July 11, 2011

On the hot switch of a 3way. When the switch is in position A. I should get continuity to one of the travelers. When the switch is in the second position I should have continuity to the other traveler. Is this correct? If I don't see this can I assume this switch is bad? If that test proves acceptable, what are the chances the second switch is faulty, without further troubleshooting?

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Ron Natalie

Are you sure you've properly identified the common terminal of the switch?
You don't normally see switches failing. What are you doing to make these observations? Did you mess with the wiring before you started?

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I have not touched the wiring yet. I based my observations on the schematic drawing. The system works when one switch is in one position and not the other.

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Ron Natalie

What schematic drawing? If a three way switch is only lighting up one traveler in one position and none in the other, my guess is that someone didn't wire it right and the screw their feeding one of the "throw" sides rather than the common side.

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