feet of wire to wire home

mattankJuly 29, 2007

Is there some type of formula or method for figuring how many feet of wire required to wire a basic home. I know that there will be some heavier ga. wire for some certain circuts, but just trying to figure the main wire footage, Thanks for any help,, Matt

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There is no formula that I know of.

How big is the house?

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there is not a formula but I usually figure about 1 ft of 14-2 for every sq ft and 1/4 of that in 14-3 and 12-2 for example a 3000 sq ft house would take 3000 ft of 14-2 and 750 ft of 14-3 and 12-2 and the rest of the wire would be cut to exact lengths for a/c and oven and such

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jack's idea will get pretty close for code work. Fancier systems will require more wire. Phone and coax are additional.

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Jack: Is that figure using 14ga for lighting only and 12ga for receptacles or are you running some GP receptacles with 14?

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Thanks for the replies, house ia 2420 sq. ft. I think Jack has me going in the right direction,, Thanks, Matt

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When my Aunt & Uncle built their home about 10 years ago, I was elected to do all the wiring. We sat down to discuss supplies, outlets, ceiling fans, and of course wire needed. My Aunt pops up and says "oh you won't have to buy any wire, I bought a WHOLE ROLL of wire." My eyebrows went up, and I said I don't think that will be enough. She said oh, it's a big roll, 250 feet..... As it turned out, to wire a 1200 square foot 4 room home, we used about 2500 feet of wire total..... but that also was with running at least twice as many circuits and outlets as what code required. It's hard to estimate how much wire is needed without seeing how the house is laid out, but I hope this gives you a general idea.

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