2 generators on 1 transfer switch

nwohiofalconJuly 14, 2013

So I'm researching generators ...(trying to get my mother secure as we're having more outages in the country)

Currently running Eu2000 to power tv/lights etc with cords under the house. It uses 1 gal every 8 hrs.

I'd like to power well pump/water heater/ etc every now and then... but I'd like the fuel savings of a Eu3000 etc.

Looking at Reliance Transfer Switch.

Option #1-Honda Eu6500is- uses more gas -only need 1 generator

Option #2 if it would work would be to use a Honda Eu3000 with a 125 plug into Transfer switch and then have another cheaper $1,000 generator for the 220. This would be best of both worlds. Now if Honda made a 4500 220 gen that sipped gas like the eu2000-I'd be in business.

Option 3- Run 2 reliance transfer switches
1 for 220 stuff
and 1 switch just for the 220 to run the eu3000 electric start

Is this possible? Does anyone do this. Can you post pics? If you have suggestions let me know!
I have a generally good understanding of electricity.
Do not plan on running all at same time.
If you need clarification-please ask!

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Ron Natalie

Have you actually checked to see what the fuel consumption would be for the load? While your best efficiency is typically obtained when the generator is running at close to it's rated capacity, typically they aren't that far off when running lesser loads.

Running two generators on one transfer switch will not work. They won't be running synchronized and havoc will result from possibly damaging your transfer switch or loads to killing the generators.

Option 3 will certainly work. Nothing will be connected to both generators under that scenario.

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