What would it cost to make this piece, myself? PIC...

nicole__December 7, 2009

Hello, This is my first post on your board, so excuse my ignorance. Having said that.... I haven't tried making stained glass and was wondering what just the glass and supplies would cost to make this piece. Excluding tools, gas, solder. This piece is 24.5" x 18". It has a twisted metal silver frame. I am trying to gauge how expensive a hobby this would be.

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Not sure how to answer this question since you excluded the things that you have to spend for the project. I am also not quite sure what you plan to use gas for in stained glass. The glass for the project would depend on how expensive the glass you choose is. With the least expensive glass out there. probabaly about a hundred dollars for the supplies. That is just for the supplies that you use up. It doesn't include the tools that you will have forever. The thing is you will probably have left over supplies that you can use on smaller projects like Christmas ornaments, butterflies, dragonflies... I love this panel. It is beautiful.

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smickerdoodle.....thanks for your reply! I'm just really curious about setting myself up in this hobby. I know someone who is selling everything she had(don't know what it all includes). DH & I weld....sorry.....I didn't mean gas....meant solding iron.....which we have. I've been hanging out on the decorating forum and many people have stained glass installed in their homes OR hanging pieces. "LOVE" stained glass and the feel it has with differnt light. It's a new experience owning this piece! :0)

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Nicole, that is how I started, by buying out a lady who was giving up stained glass. If you are lucky you will get some glass in the deal. I have found glass at yard sales, glass lamps at thrift shops for cheap. Freecycle or craigslist might bring some as well.

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Ok.....so is the biggest cost of producing a piece the glass or the copper foil?

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biggest cost would be the tools you need to make the piece,, the glass cutter, the grinder, the breaking pliers, grozers, the right soldering iron (the one used for plumbing is not the right one for stained glass, and if you dont have one one with the internal temperature thingie you have to get one of those temperature controllers) then flux, etc etc...once you get the basic tools, if you have a good stained glass store near you, sometimes they have sales on the glass and copper foil or lead. if you dont have one near you, there are several places on line to comparison shop on prices for supplies.

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The friend I have that does stained glass,but doesn't plan on doing anymore herself.... now says.....she will loan me everything to make a few pieces. My intension would be to make 5 pieces, as cabinet inserts in my home. I've looked online and even watched utube videos. One video showed a girl buying a broken half sheet of glass in a hobby store for $1.79, another video showed a person soldering saying the solder is VERY expensive so don't waste it. I would think copper foil would be a HUGE expense. I'm wondering how the cost adds up to $100 for a 24" X 18" piece. I have a little time to look this hobby over, my friend says she doesn't have time for me until after X-mas.

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sp...intention....I need to use spell check....sorry

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The best thing to do is google stained glass supplies & price out what you need in way of tools. Solder has gotten expensive & glass (depending on what you buy) can be expensive. If you friend will loan you the tools then you will need a pattern, glass, solder, foil & glass. good luck. This is not a cheap hobby but can be lots of fun!

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Guys......yes. I did look online before I posted here. They sell mixed sheets of glass for a fixed price plus shipping. If you plan on collecting glass for lots of future projects and just keeping a bunch on hand...ok. BUT......I would do a specific project and that would be it.

It is VERY beautiful! I would like to own a few custom pieces and say "I made them".

Are you all buying your glass second hand? Where would you find second hand glass? I understand the thickness varies. What has been your experience buying supplies cheaply?

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Look and see if you have any stained glass dealers in your area. I get most of my glass from local dealers. That way you get to see the glass & buy just what you need for that project. These dealers usually offer beginner classes where you do a small project to get you started. I would encourage you to take a couple of classes. That is how I got started & if I need help on something now, they are there to help.. Good luck!

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I watched utube videos. Very informative. Looks like practice pulling the solder lines is key and can make or break the look of a piece. Practice breaking the glass, for a waste free piece. Choosing a pleasing pattern is key. Now....I just need to get started!
Happy holidays everyone!

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