Splicing Wiring or Run New Due o Vandalism

Pete33July 26, 2012

I am building a new home and a theif in the night cut off and stole all of the electical wiring leading to where the breaker panel would eventally be located and stole the last 12' of each wire (about 40 wires total). All of the wiring in the house was basically cut about 12' from the panel. What can be done, short of re-wiring the whole house? Can j boxes be installed to splice? Is that safe? If we were to splice and install about a half dozen j-boxes, they would have to be in my child's bedroom, and want to be sure that wont cause me any future problems. Alother not, the rough elec inspecion was passed already and all work was done by a licsence electrician

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The only practical solution is to start over. Don't splice those cables.

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Splice MUST be in accessible junction boxes.

You must replace the cables or spend even more money on adding accessible junction boxes at every existing junction box.

'Accessible ' means after the finished wall is created, no damage is done to the wall to access the box.
Every one would need a blank cover plate.

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Will someone's insurance cover this?

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I have a builder's risk policy with a $1000 deductable, but would not want to turn it in to mine if I can avoid it.

If junction boxes if the recommended fix by the electrical contractor, how many splices pet box are allowed?

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The number of splices per box depends on the size of the box and is clearly regulated by "box fill' specifications. You are going to end up with a bunch of visible box cover in that bedroom if you go this route.

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Those bastards. You absolutely don't want to splice - no way. It would be a huge shadow cast over any future sale.

Consider this - very few wires are home run, so you'll be replacing the wire from the panel to the first connection, ie the first device in the chain.

Needless to say you'll want to beef up your security!

Where I am, scrapyards are required to see ID when purchasing copper (and other) scrap now, I'd be campaigning to have similar laws.

Regardless you'll need another inspection, and I doubt they'd be impressed with a bunch of splices. Talk to your electrician, maybe they'll come to the party and you won't need to use your insurance (if it's around the deductible?) but that's what it's there for.

As the saying goes, "why spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar?"

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