changing wire in switch box, crimped ground

alisonlSJuly 22, 2011

Hi, I need to change out a wire in a double switch box so I can move the light farther from the switch. There are five wires into the box and the grounds are crimped together. I'm not sure how to remove the crimp and the crimps I have are only good for four wires. How should I handle this situation?

Thanks! Alison

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I'd cut the grounds at the crimp and use a 5 or 6 slot push-in connector.

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I've never used a push slot connector. Will it allow some of the wires to be left long to connect to the switches?

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Experience helps in these cases. Often the original installer cuts the wires very short- in violation of the NEC. In very tight places, I sometimes use a Dremel to cut along the side of crimp connector barrel to remove it without shortening the conductors. Suppose that you have 6 grounds and the crimp sleeve or wire nut will accommodate only 4. Combine 3 of the grounds with a pigtail (total 4) and combine the other three with the other end of the pigtail for another 4.

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Sounds good, thank-you so much for the help!


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