GDs Mirror

katishookedDecember 11, 2008

I would appreciate any comments and/or helpful hints on this project. The mirror I fell in love with to do for my GD. I now realize that it may not have been the best choice, but it will be ok. The inside around the mirror, the outside edge, and the inside of the top panel is rounded. I'm still debating on painting these edges. Using glass globs, or cutting pieces to fit. The last option leaves quite a bit of space for grout, so that is last on my list. Pitch in your ideas. I sure would like some new ones. Thanks

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BEAUTIFUL mirror, and your work on it is gorgeous. My suggestion w/be to paint the edges a nice rich dark color that goes w/one of the colors in the mosaics, and partially gold leaf it - that is, scatter some gold leaf. Other suggestion is paint as in upper suggestion, and use rub-n-buff lightly over the paint. You COULD even just use a gold metallic paint. That's my suggestions.

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Beautiful colors on this! I would paint it like Slow says, one of the colors and scatter some gold leaf.
I think globs would be too much. You've done a wonderful job on this! Bravo!

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Oh I like Slow's suggestion!

great work on this Kati, can't wait to see it finished

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Thanks for thumbs up. Slow your thots are mine, but didn't know what color to go with. I'll post a pic when done.


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Kathy, that is really lovely, you did a wonderful job. I like Slow's idea about painting the edges and using gold leaf, though i'm not sure how you would go about it. Please post pix when you are done and or/doing.

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Well I've been thinking bout it and will prob try each of the colors in diff areas to see which one I like the best. Also have been toying with the idea of glitter added to the paint or as Slow suggested gold leaf or dry brush metallic gold and wiping off. Got a ways to go. Need to grout and get that cleaned up before paint can go on.

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She's gonna love it! Love your colors.

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