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silvamaeDecember 13, 2010

Hello, all. I check here several times a day and it's been really quiet. I went to a hardware store last week to buy a new carborundum stone (kitchen sharpener) that I use to smooth the edges of tesserae. An employee asked me what I used it for and I said "mosaics." A cute young woman who worked there touched my arm and said, "Will you please wait for me; I want to talk to you. As soon as I finish helping this other person, I will be right back." So we paid for our purchase and stood to the side and waited.

So she came back momentarily and said, "Are you interested in some stained glass and tools for free; I am getting out of stained glass and into metals and I need to make some room." So of course I said yes and we made arrangements for us to go to her house the next day. She remarked that she would bring it all to work and have us meet her there but "it wouldn't fit in her car." Well, I said "I have a van," and she said "Perfect." Well, y'all, we went to her house last Friday and she had oodles and oodles of 12"x12" stained glass, racks for the glass, metals drawer units full of cut-up glass, tools including Leponnits, a Glastar grinder, Diamondcrete, colorant, molds for coasters, and I don't even remember what else. I am just floored. This sort of thing never happens to me!

I need to make her something wonderful and drop it by her house as a thank-you gift!

So, I just finished my first Wedi project and I'm in the middle of a birdbath project.

Will post pics of the Wedi project soon. In the meantime, have a great holiday!

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Well doesn't that make me absolutely green w/envy, you lucky duck, and I know it's a sin. I check in here every day too, and I don't remember the forum ever being so slow/dead unless it was b/f I posted a couple things here several years ago when the junk side got tired of mosaics. It took off and was wonderful. It has laid down and died. Don't know what to do about it. I'm doing my part. I've gone to Flickr - a very active mosaic site.

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I know how elated you feel. Two elderly women who used to do churh windows together, each gave all of thir stashes to my daughter and me. One was moving and the other was 92 years old.

DD and I mused about how we were so limited by our budgets when we first started in glass. Now we have so much more than we will ever use.

But LOL we still need to make a purchase occasionly

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Forgot to ask.
The ladies also gave us so much lead. Pounds and pounds or is that feet and feet?
Does it ever become "not usable"?
We also were gifted a lead stretcher.
Mostly we do projects with the foil method.

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Thanks for your comments, slowmedown and soxxxx! As far as lead goes, I don't know for sure, but I would guess that it never becomes "not usable." I am posting another post called Wedi abstract project.

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You lucky girl !! I feel like slow.
I have not been doing much in the mosaic world I have been working on my house that need some tlc .Had an order for 3 crosses .I do try to check in daily .The other board is slow also.

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Hi, nanatricia! Thanks for your comments. Maybe we can get together after the holidays? Do you ever come this way? (Hwy. 71 between Spicewood and Bee Cave) I still want you to see my stairs. Hopefully this board will perk up after the holidays.

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How wonderful, Silvamae!!! I am quite sure you will be able to put all those great things to a beautiful use! So, you can get a carborondum stone at a hardware store. Good to know.

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My Oh My Silva...I am like Slow, GREEN with envy. I wonder why nothing like that ever happens to us? You are one lucky gal. I haven't been on here in awhile due to illness and losing my lovable giant of a dog. So, I have nothing new to show but I do try to check in every few days to try to keep up to date with everybody. I must visit your blog to get really utd on all you have done.
I am very happy for you to have been so Blessed.

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