Multiple disconnects/feeders for a mobile home?

pharkusJuly 26, 2012

I'm a little bit baffled on this... whether or not it's allowed...

Just acquired a mobile home, 12'x70'... with... central full electric hvac... 90A at 240V.

Original service is 100A - HVAC is currently a 90A breaker in that box...

I'm looking at a 200A meter base with built-in load center, 4 spaces... I'd like to put two 100A breakers in there, one for the HVAC and one for everything else... there would then be two feeders from the pole to the building... is that legal?

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I believe that Article 230.71(A) of the NEC (2011) permits the arrangement you suggest. This Article provision is not new to the code by any means. If your inspector disagrees, this one is worth an appeal to his superior and higher if necessary.

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To explain a bit more, in the plan you propose, the meter/load center is the service, the panels in the mobile home are then subpanels. Be sure to have the neutrals bonded only at the service, not in the subpanels.

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The first disconnect is a main, and all panels after it are sub-panels.

A main has a 3-wire feed (H-H-N) and a grounding electrode system. The main is the only place grounds and neutral may be connected.

Subs require a four wire feed (H-H-N-G) and isolated grounds and neutrals in the sub-panels.

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